The Inner Harbor Project employs a core group of networked teens to lead five programs they designed as a result of the research they conducted about the origin of tension in the Inner Harbor. They found that teens lash out in negative ways when they don't feel welcome. The five programs are Peer Mediation, Youth Engagement Training, Code of Respect, Harbor Card and Hood2Harbor Peace Ambassador. Each of these programs tackles a different origin point of tension that youth identified but all have the same goal: to make the Inner Harbor a safe and inclusive public space. 

What We've Achieved

  • Since launching our work in 2012, youth arrests have decreased 65% in the Inner Harbor.
  • We've employed over 60 teens to solve an issue they're passionate about.
  • Our police training is the only youth-created, youth-led training for police in the country.
  • Youth leaders have spoken everywhere from the streets of Baltimore to the White House about their mission.
  • We've led over 40 focus groups.
  • All of our youth leaders have graduated from high school.
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