Little Wins Add Up

I made a promise to myself yesterday that I will try to blog/tweet/post everyday. I've been so caught up with our everyday wins that I've forgotten to share them with you all. Yesterday we had a big one. Rickya'h, Diamonta, Dominique, Aniya, and Dayjanae met with the manager of It's Sugar. They were told in advance that he hadn't had great interactions with teens. In fact, once they got there, they learned that no one under the age of 18 is actually allowed in the store because of the difficulties they've had. Below, is a summary Rickya'h and her team wrote up describing the meeting. I want everyone to know that these youth leaders managed this entire interaction without guidance from me. This is 100% them. "On June 30th at 11:30 a.m, four youth leaders--Dominique Joy, Dayjanae Jones, Aniya Marshall, and Diamonta Boyd—and one youth executive leader—Rickya’h Brooks—met with Ryan Seeley—the regional manager of Its Sugar. The meeting was to present The Inner Harbor Project Coupon Card which was created to solve the issue of mistrust between storeowners and teens down the Inner Harbor. In the meeting, we discussed details of the coupon card such as qualifications, deactivation and activation, who the coupon card is for, how it works and what we wish to accomplish with the use of the coupon card. At the end of the meeting, we were able to develop a relationship with Ryan Seeley and convince him to change his store policy of only 18 or older allowed in his store to anyone younger than 18 that has a coupon card or is a part of the Inner Harbor Project. We were also able to come up with an agreed discount of 20% off on any bulk size candy for the coupon card. "

I am in constant awe of these young people and I thought you all should be too.