So apparently the MTA and BCPSS have decided to create a new charm card for students - this is our transportation pass. Guess what: it’s also a student ID. From what I have gathered, these cards serve both purposes.. They are to be used during lunch, school sign in, late sign in, transportation, and there are rumors going around that they could be used to open our lockers too.

But as of now i'm being told that they are just in beta so only a few select schools are piloting the cards.

I think this is pretty cool idea. I like the idea of an all-in-one pass for school. But there are some issues too. We should be able to load money onto it for transportation purposes. The cards also limit transportation from 6am-8pm and only have ninety-minute transfer periods. A lot of students at my school have talked about different ways that the cards have helped them. They also have talked about the big issue:  the ninety-minute transfer window is too small especially for students who have to work . For example, if a bus is late or a subway is stuck between stops (which happens frequently), we miss our ninety-minute window for using the card. The biggest issue is that the ninety-minute transfer period doesn’t allow students to travel home from work. We have two rides a day. So I use one ride to school, one to work and because I work more than the ninety minute transfer period, I don’t have another ride for getting home.

The Cards are not final until next school year when it will be then implemented throughout BCPSS. Until then, the One Cards and S-Passes will still be issued out. I hope that MTA and BCPSS can figure out a way for students to get home after work.

-By Larry Alexander, Junior at Digital Harbor High School