Day After Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to make sure we’re all ok and to wonder how you can help. I am hopeful about the future of Baltimore because of the overwhelming outpouring of support I have felt from everyone. Here are some updates on our end. Our plans for the future are by no means set in stone. I’m sure they will evolve as we learn more and can figure out how we can be helpful. We will be posting updates on Twitter (@innerharborproj), Facebook ( and our website <> .

  1.  First it’s important for you to know that yes, we are all safe and ok! 

  2. All Baltimore teenagers are welcome today at our space.  We are located at 616 Water St. Suite 318. We will be open until further notice.

  3. We are extending recruitment for another week. IHP was in the process of recruiting new youth leaders and peace ambassadors for the summer when the events of last week brought to light the increasing significance of our work. We will be extending recruitment an extra week in light of current circumstances.

  4. Two ways you can help:

    --Post about IHP and why you think it’s important. The youth leaders and Peace Ambassadors need to know now more than ever that they have the support of their city behind them.

    --Support Peace Ambassadors: Peace Ambassadors work to spread positivity among their peers and mediate the complex dynamics between teens and police. Last summer, they worked with other stakeholders to reduce the juvenile arrest rate in the downtown by 86% over the course of the summer. Obviously, there is a huge need for this program.

    The more support we have, the more Peace Ambassadors we can hire. Currently, we have slots for 25 but we have over 100 youth who have applied to be Peace Ambassadors. We would like to expand the program. We’ll be making plans to do so in the coming days, but we need the budget to do it.

  5. Peace Ambassadors will be working this Friday and Saturday downtown form 7-9 pm unless events change.

    Thank you,